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Brass Tacks Engineering, LLC Services

Proven Results

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Artificial Lift Design & Optimization

SNAP- Gas Lift Nodal Analysis
Rod Lift Optimization: Rodstar Coupled with Dynamometer Cards

Surface and downhole optimization through current equipment set up on location.  Our detailed analysis of current pumping or gas lift conditions coupled with fluid level and downhole diagnostics will pick up baseline production in no time.

Facility Design and Installation

Turnkey Facility Design and On-Site Installation

Tried and true expandable rack design allows for proper well testing and expansion with zero shut-in time.  In addition to new facility projects, the team at BTE will evaluate existing facilities and optimize them to maximize current producing conditions. Allow the team at BTE to use years of vendor relationships to procure the best facility for your wells achieving longevity, high producing rates, and environmental compliance.

Free Introductory Consultation

Expert Guidance With No Risk

Chief Engineer and Owner John Romano stands behind BTE's work.  If the client is not satisfied with the analysis and guidance provided, there will be no charge.

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