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Brass Tacks Engineering, LLC is a dynamic company offering guidance and solutions to oil and gas operations. Our expertise includes reservoir, completions, stimulation, production and facility design, optimization, and procurement. Many times projects suffer from over-engineering or lack there of.  BTE finds a simple balance between the two while making sure not to"step over dollars to pick up pennies".  Our team's quarter decade worth of facility design and maintenance experience echo this sentiment.  Our company mission is to maximize the current system and apply engineering optimization techniques that require little maintenance or additional services.  Attention to detail and expertise in knowing the full system goes a long way in optimizing production.


Founder and Chief Engineer, John Romano, has over 16 years experience in all phases of drilling, completing, and producing oil and gas wells. With a specialty that encompasses analyzing and maximizing existing assets with hands on production and facility optimization through on-site and remote diagnostics to maximize the rate of return on projects. His experience includes 10 years as a Senior Engineer & Manager over acreage spanning the Permian, Eagle Ford, and Haynesville shales, and 6 years as a Business Development Manager and Completions Engineering Consultant interfacing with privately owned, large independent and major operators performing detailed reservoir studies, recompletion campaigns in mature vertical assets, and full field hydraulic fracture design and on-site stimulation in every major North American unconventional shale play.  John is renowned in the oil and gas community for his expertise and publications.  He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Marietta College and Texas Tech University, respectively.

Please contact us for any surface or downhole consulting needs. Every project undertaken by Brass Tacks Engineering will be handled with the utmost efficacy as our tag line is getting down to the essentials!



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